House Cleaning Services

We believe that when you hire a company for house cleaning services you decide what rooms are priority and how you want them cleaned. We do not want you just satisfied, but ecstatic that you decided to hiring Minute Women Inc. for you house cleaning services. Give us a try, you will be happy you did.


Our approach is simple: You tell us exactly what cleaning services you’re looking for and we find the person who best suits your unique needs and preferences. You let us know what rooms are a priority and need to be cleaned often, and what rooms are not a priority, and need to be cleaned less often.

FREE IN HOME EVALUATIONcleaning services

Call us today for reliable, guaranteed home cleaning services that are completely customized. We’ll send a supervisor to your home for a free in home evaluation. If you are particular about a certain room or cleaning technique, we tailor our services to meet your expectations.

We offer:

  • Our pride and joy is our cleaning staff – majority having been with Minute Women for over 10 years!
  • Insured, bonded cleaners so you never worry about accidents or other incidents
  • Fast turn around on cleaning service requests 3-4 days is optimum, but often we can provide same-day service!
  • A fully staffed office from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. we answer the phone – no answering machines (we don’t like ’em)
  • 24/7 on-call telephone assistance
  • You will have the same person to clean your home every week and since we charge by the hour—-you pay only for the time taken to complete the job – not four cleaners rushing through in an hour to get to the next job
  • For ongoing cleaning services – we use your supplies and equipment. Most of our customers are very particular about the products used in their homes. This allows us to use the products that you trust in your house, and eliminates using cloths and mops that can spread germs and viruses from home to home.


Since we are a family owned company we guarantee you will not get “lost in the shuffle”. We are people just like you – and you can expect exceptional service from us, just like we expect when we go out shopping. From your first phone call to our office throughout your relationship with Minute Women, you’ll receive responsive, personal attention from an experienced, caring staff that prides itself on listening to you and providing the best possible choice of staff to work in your home. Call us today, we want your business and are willing to do the best possible job we can to earn and keep it!


We are so confident in our home cleaners, and the services we provide, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with our cleaning services, let us know and we will fix the problem, if you still are not happy, we will refund 100% of your money. We know we are the best and stand behind our services.

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